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No votes on my art works =[

2010-04-30 19:49:14 by Avi1991

Doesnt fair... how come my art work never gets to the art portal, it's not "GREAT" but it much better then the most of the drawings submited there ><
All i want is to see peaple vote....
I even made Pico draw, but there is no point submiting it =[
How all these art submition thing works anyway???

20K Medal Points!!!

2010-04-02 06:59:55 by Avi1991

Hey, I got 20K Medal Points :D
It's kinda cool and Im cheerful.

BTW look at my comics, they are very invested.

Have a nice day.

Officially addicted to medals

2009-10-09 17:15:03 by Avi1991

Hello Internet people!
My hard work and long hours of game play have finally paid off as I've reached 10K points!
Many thanks to Tom Fulp for developing this awesome feature on Newgrounds!
If you think I'm addicted, you can go f*** yourselves! =P
Comments will be highly appreciated!