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No votes on my art works =[

2010-04-30 19:49:14 by Avi1991

Doesnt fair... how come my art work never gets to the art portal, it's not "GREAT" but it much better then the most of the drawings submited there ><
All i want is to see peaple vote....
I even made Pico draw, but there is no point submiting it =[
How all these art submition thing works anyway???


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2010-04-30 20:33:54

For your art to appear in the art portal you need to first get scouted, and in order to get scouted you need to submit a minimum of 4 good pieces of art that you created by yourself, then someone in the portal (someone already scouted) has to find your art to be worthy of being in the portal as well.

More scouting information: t/388624

(Updated ) Avi1991 responds:

Got it, so i need 1 more submition to get someone to decide if it worthy of being on the portal.
thanks for answering =]